Ed Schultz: Our rally drew the same number of people as Beck's rally

Reminds me of Kevin Kline at the end of “A Fish Called Wanda”: “We did not lose Vietnam. It was a tie!” Here’s Big Ed, who vowed a few weeks ago that it’d be no great shakes to draw 300,000 people to the Mall, now insisting that 175,000 is pretty good too — and that you shouldn’t mind the conservative “forces of evil” who claim that his crowd wasn’t as big as Beck’s was. To fully appreciate how pathetic this self-affirmation is, take a look at the AP photo he shows in the clip. It’s shot from the Lincoln Memorial and captures the crowd between the tree lines. Never mind that it’s an open question as to how many people were there because their union or school forced them to go, and never mind that people in attendance were quoted at the scene as saying how disappointing the turnout was. What’s wrong with the AP photo? Quite simply, by putting the crowd gathered around the podium in the foreground, it makes it hard to see how far back and how far off to the sides the throng extends. For that, you need an overhead view — and as Gateway Pundit shows, there’s simply no comparison. Nick Gillespie, who attended both events, guesstimates that “One Nation” drew somewhere between one-third and one-half what Beck’s rally drew. Why anyone cares what the numbers were, I’m not sure; it’s only logical that in a year when conservative enthusiasm far exceeds liberal enthusiasm, a right-wing rally will outdraw a left-wing one. (And even so, I expect a much bigger crowd than “One Nation” for the Stewart/Colbert rally.) Schultz sure seems to care, though, which is why he has to resort to sad face-saving gimmicks like the one you see here. Hey, Ed? Let it go. Click the image to watch.