NAACP chief: This is too much like the period before Kristallnacht

Via the Blaze. Isn’t this the same Benjamin Jealous who spent a week in July appearing on any chat show that would have him in order to lament the destructive impact of incendiary rhetoric by some tea partiers? And now he’s playing with … Kristallnacht analogies? Like him, I have Jewish friends (not all of them conservative), and I’ve got to say: The words “This reminds me of Kristallnacht” don’t often escape their lips. Maybe something for the media to pursue, though, the next time one of them interviews a Holocaust survivor. “I’m so sorry that you lost your parents that way. Speaking of which, have you heard about the coming Kristallnacht?”

Is he thinking of a different Kristallnacht than I am, maybe? Or is this really the left’s new analogy for the GOP taking back the House in November?