Video: SNL on O'Donnell, Ground Zero mosque

Three clips for you from last night’s season premiere, although only one is worth watching. The O’Donnell skit is the “newsworthy” bit but the gags are so predictable that you might as well skip it. How predictable? Put it this way: At one point, they actually have her in a witch’s hat riding a broom. So perfunctory is it, in fact, that I wonder if they were forced to do something like this because all the good comic material had already been mined while they were on summer hiatus. See, e.g., this absurd mock ad about the Delaware race created by Jimmy Kimmel 10 days ago.

The fake commercial for the Ground Zero mosque is also worth skipping if you’re pressed for time, partly because it’s derivative of Greg Gutfeld’s plan to build a gay bar next door to Park51 and partly because of the lame “twist” at the end. They wanted to goof on the mosque somehow but they didn’t want to take full responsibility for doing so, so they copped out by framing it as a goof on the GOP. Way to be brave, kids.

The third clip, in which David Paterson confronts longtime antagonist Fred Armisen, is the one to watch. I’ve written about these skits before, amazed that they’d joke about his disability so brazenly and surprised that Armisen’s weird insult-comic reimagining of Paterson works as well as it does. I laughed all the way through the first three minutes here. Paterson has some well-written one-liners too, but alas, he’s no performer so they end up falling flat. But never mind that: It’s nice to see that he’s been able to put his pique over their mockery of him aside. Enjoy.