It's come to this: Fight breaks out at Reid/Angle candidate forum; Update: Video added

The bad news: It happened at a Christian candidate forum. The worse news: The first punch was allegedly thrown by an Angle supporter at a Reid supporter. The worst news: That Angle supporter was a guy and the Reid supporter was a woman. Oof.

Coming on November 2nd: Gang fights outside the polling places?

Kelly Tanaka said an unidentified man pushed her over and punched her friend Thursday after the forum. The man was detained by school officials.

The 27-year-old Tanaka said the fight occurred because she walked past the man, not because she supports Reid and he backs Angle…

The video-version of Reid remained unfazed as audience members hissed at him and mocked his claim that β€œin three years, everyone will have health insurance like I do.”

But Angle looked nervous and flustered by the rowdy crowd. She stumbled on her words and looked down at the stage. Still, she smiled through the awkwardness.

Follow the link up top for hair-raising photos of the fight. As you’ll see, this was no love tap. Question for Hot Air’s Nevada readers: Is this what it’s like out there right now? Not the fight, I mean, but the video you’re about to see of the crowd hooting at Angle at times to a shocking degree. Reid actually skipped the forum in favor of a videotaped interview, presumably because he was stuck in D.C. doing the important business of botching the left’s chances of repealing “don’t ask, don’t tell” this year, but judging from the tone of the audience, he lucked out. In fact, if you read the Sun’s full story, you’ll see that security was so tight for this event that even a former governor in attendance was amazed by it. What the hell is happening in Nevada?

The video, by the way, comes from NRO’s Battle ’10 blog, which has a full write-up of the event from their man on the scene. The latest poll: 43/43, which makes me nervous. Lots of other polls that have been tight for months have started to tilt sharply towards the GOP lately (Rubio over Crist, Johnson over Feingold, every Republican in Ohio over every Democrat in Ohio), but this one won’t budge. My fear is that, if it continues to resist the red wave and Angle goes into election day tied with Reid, the undecideds will settle on the devil they know rather than the devil they don’t. An argument, perhaps, for Angle to run more positive, biographical ads in the last few weeks in lieu of blistering attacks on Dingy Harry?

Update: Via the Right Scoop and the Blaze, total chaos.