Loretta Sanchez on Univision: The Vietnamese are trying to take my House seat

Via Breitbart, she of course means “our House seat.” I’m honestly curious: Does she talk this way in front of English-speaking audiences too, counting on her Absolute Moral Authority as a Democrat to shield her from criticism for racializing things with Van Tran, or is this something she saves for when — she thinks — big media isn’t listening? And another question: Did Univision challenge her when she said it or is this acceptable politicking there?

DoublePlusUndead points to a poll from last month showing the race between her and Tran within two thin points. Some press attention to this clip tomorrow could tip it. Think they’ll come through?

Update: Looks like it was the OC Weekly, a paper in Sanchez’s own district, that first broke this on Monday. Nice to see some press willing to cover it.