It's come to this: Obama begs religious leaders to help him sell ObamaCare

If Obama can’t bend the cost curve, maybe God can.

With nothing else working, President Barack Obama is asking religious leaders to help him sell the public on health care reform.

POLITICO listened in to an Oval Office conference call Tuesday, where Obama and top administration officials, beseeched thousands of faith-based and community organizations to preach the gospel on new insurance reforms, chiefly the Patients’ Bill of Rights.

“Get out there and spread the word,” Obama told leaders from across the religious spectrum on the conference call, organized by the Health and Human Services Center for Faith-Based and Community Partnerships…

Obama instructed faith leaders to treat the new law as settled fact and use their perches of power to convey that message to congregants and friends.

Did he really pass on the chance to say, “Get out there and spread the good news about ObamaCare”? That would have been just audacious enough to make me grudgingly admire his shamelessness. And appropriate too: The prospect of O-Care working as well as the left thinks has always been more a matter of faith than reason.

From what I hear, the first step towards salvation is repentance. According to this new AP report, looks like he’s already on his way. Exit question: Does this story qualify as a miracle of sorts? He’s taken the water of taxpayer money and magically turned it into the wine of Democratic campaign contributions!

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