Video: Murkowski write-in campaign begins with terrible new ad

So bad is it that I had to Google around to make sure that this really is her official campaign YouTube account and not some pro-Murky fan freelancing for her. I don’t know where to begin. How about with the fact that it’s three times longer than it needs to be? Or that it draws an implicit analogy between voters and young children? Or that the production is embarrassingly amateurish even by the standards of political ads? Or that the whole 50s B&W newsreel conceit is a distraction from the important how-to points they’re trying to make? They could have done a simple one-minute ad beginning with 30 seconds of Murkowski running through her “Alaskans need a real choice” schtick and then 30 seconds of her explaining how to write in her name properly. (The two-step process is important: Apparently, if you write her in but forget to fill in the oval, the vote doesn’t count.) Instead, this. Amazing.

Meanwhile, she’s telling the AP that, apparently, the GOP’s not supposed to support its duly elected party nominees when the nominee isn’t “quality.” Like, for instance, Bronze-Star-winning West Point and Yale Law grad turned federal magistrate judge Joe Miller.

Murkowski, who lost last month’s GOP primary to tea party-supported Joe Miller, told The Associated Press that the focus in Washington seems to be more on “adding numbers to the team” and less on the quality of a candidate.

“We all know that Washington, D.C., is far too partisan right now,” she said in an interview from Anchorage. “And I think when we allow the numbers to dominate over quality, I don’t think that that helps us.”

As for her Senate committee positions:

GOP rules allow any Republican senator to seek her removal by forcing a secret ballot vote of the 41-member caucus, but that is unlikely to happen before the Nov. 2 general election, according to GOP staffers and other observers. There are only a few weeks left in the legislative session, with no action on major bills expected.

Joe Miller wants them to disown her, as do I. It’ll send a message to Alaska Republicans who are on the fence that she’s done wrong here, and it’ll symbolically deprive her of a bit of her cache as an incumbent. Remember, part of Murkowski’s pitch to Alaskans is that she can bring home the pork because she’s an insider with seniority. Deprive her of that and what’s left? “My dad was a senator and I’d like to continue to be one too”?

Update: Almost forgot: At the very end of the clip, her name in her website address is … misspelled. The perfect capper to an amateurish spot aimed at a write-in campaign.

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David Strom 9:21 PM on March 24, 2023