Murkowski: This is one woman who won’t quit on Alaska

Dude, it’s on.

“This is Alaska, where we come together, and we embrace one another for who we are, not because we may share the same political label, but because of who we are and what we contribute to our state,” she said. “This is what makes Alaska great, not our political labels.”

“Today, my friends, my campaign for Alaska’s future begins,” she said. “We’re in this together.”…

“It’s a futile effort on her part, it really is,” Palin told reporters in Des Moines, after a speech at the Iowa Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan dinner. “She certainly has the right to do so, but Joe Miller is the right person to lead the state and this country.”

Click the image below to watch the female Charlie Crist launch her crowd-pleasing zinger. Palin’s response via Twitter:

“My advice for Lisa is the same for anyone who sees a grizzly in the woods. DON’T RUN.”. tweeted by Orora 9/17/10 5:28pm

Joe Miller’s unloading on Murkowski to National Review, saying her “lifeblood is power” and that she has a “disconnection from reality.” No doubt Scott McAdams, the Democrat in the race, will jump in tomorrow by calling the three of them wingnut neo-Hitlers. In such a vicious, chaotic melee, there can be but one winner, my friends: Traffic-seeking bloggers. Exit question: Time to start making newly elected senators sign pledges promising to drop out if they lose a primary in the future? That won’t stop them from breaking their promises, of course, but it’ll remind voters of what lying little weasels they are when they do.