DNC’s bombshell “major announcement” revealed: They’ve … got a new logo

Remember, this was billed yesterday as something that would “excite Democrats across the country.”

Welcome to the new Democrats.org. Today we’ve launched a new website and updated our look. We are focused on how Democrats can come together to win elections and move America forward. We are also proud of our party’s past. We’ve fought to make our country better—not for a select few, but for all Americans.

The new Democrats.org gives the Democratic Party a home for powerful tools that will empower Democrats across the country to connect with one another and with the party. It shows that we’re ready to use every single tool in our toolbox—from the tried and true to the best of the new—to help the President and Democratic leaders to keep moving our country forward…

I’m sure you’ll also notice our new look. Some may think: it’s just a logo—it’s just a brand. Well I don’t believe the Democratic Party is a logo or a brand—we are much more than that. We are Democrats. We create change that matters. Ours is a party of ideas and ideals, of policies and people, history and purpose.

Three things. One: The new slogan, at least, is spot on. They’ve generated much change, and in six weeks, they’ll see just how much it’s mattered. Two: The logo itself is simply terrible, and looks even more terrible on DNC merch. Say what you will about The One’s omnipresent emblem from 2008, but purely as a piece of graphic design, it was great work: Visually pleasing, patriotically colored, contoured to recall his initial and a rising sun — bravura stuff. The new one looks like something Tim Kaine did himself, half-drunk, after a single Photoshop tutorial, with a ten-minute deadline. In fact, click here and scroll down to view the two side by side; the stylistic degeneration from two years ago to today captures perfectly how America’s view of Democrats has deteriorated. Three: I’m frankly ashamed that I didn’t predict this yesterday. I figured the “major announcement” would have something to do with their online organization, but how could anyone not have guessed that it would involve a logo? Better “branding” and salesmanship are always, always their solutions to their political problems; the policies themselves are brilliant, so how could anything except poor “messaging” explain a decline in the polls? Consider this an absurd yet perfectly foreseeable extension of that logic. GOP tsunami coming in November? Time to go nuclear, then: New logo.

Speaking of trying to solve policy problems with superior messaging, who’s up for another round of “if you like your plan, you can keep your plan”? I hope you guys are, because here it comes.

Update: The DNC’s ad team is roughly as creative as an Ohio pizza joint’s. You know, maybe the left is right. Maybe they really are terrible at branding.