Fox News: NRSC won't spend a dime on O'Donnell

Via Mediaite, not a surprise given their tepid congratulatory message tonight but a big mistake nonetheless if true. I understand the logic here — they want to do triage by not wasting money on a race they think is unwinnable — but they’re going to alienate a ton of “true conservatives” by writing off their new champion. And of course they’ll further deepen the rift between the grassroots and the, ahem, “ruling class,” of which the Beltway GOP is the very definition. They’re trying to limit the damage from the race but they’re only going to end up expanding it, and to pull the plug on her when she’s literally in the middle of her victory speech will stick in the craw of righties nationwide who are excited by her win. Just spend what you have to spend on her to give her a fair chance of winning, which is unlikely but possible. If you shortchange her, you only alienate people you need in November.

To see how deep the rift is, read this dispiriting Hotline piece about Republican leadership aides bitter about DeMint’s role in pushing an easy pick-up into the “likely Democratic” column. A bad, bad situation.

Update: People are asking for links to her donation page. Looks like there are two sites and both are down at the moment, but they should be here and here.