Awesome: The Charlie Crist ad remix

Pure perfection, although the gag is so straightforward that I’m kicking myself for not thinking of it yesterday. Watch the original spot first or else you won’t appreciate the punchline — which, technically, isn’t exactly a punchline. This is pure truth in advertising, even if it did take a mischievous Crist opponent with some video software to do it. Sometimes the simplest jokes are the best ones, my friends.

Latest poll from Florida has it Rubio 36, Crist 34, Meek 24. Looks good enough, but it’s fraught with danger: Crist is beating Rubio by 16 points among independents and, although he trails Meek 54/36 among Democrats, can change that in a hurry by declaring that he’ll caucus with the party if elected. Meek needs to do better.

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