Friday night bombshell: Petraeus is ... an Enya fan

I don’t know. This is like finding out that Patton was into orchids.

I’ve never questioned his judgment before. I’m questioning it now.

GRIFFIN: Is there any music that you particularly like? Are you a classical music guy? Are you a pop, are you a Taylor Swift guy?

PETRAEUS: No, no. I’m an Enya guy. I don’t know if Enya’s still —


PETRAEUS: I haven’t bought a CD in years.

GRIFFIN: Oh, that is hysterical.

PETRAEUS: I do like Celtic music. And Enya is among those and that kind of thing.

I always figured stone-cold warriors were into, er, Cheap Trick and Blue Oyster Cult. Imagine my surprise. Two nice things about this, though: (1) Now we know for sure that he’ll never run for president, and (2) public respect for Petraeus is such that his endorsement can transform the endorsee’s image almost instantaneously. I never thought I’d ask this question, but I guess I have to: Dude, is Enya now officially badass?

In honor of the moment, I give you Hot Air’s new victory music. If the GOP cleans up on election night, we shall rock hard to this triumphant groove. Exit question: Is Stan McChrystal a Lisa Loeb fan or something?

Update (Ed): Get this man some Chieftains or Lunasa, stat!