Video: The freaky deaky "accused terrorist auditions for Canadian Idol" clip

Via the Jawa Report, what’s the freaky deakiest part of this? The singing, the dancing, or the fact that this guy lied to the judges at the time about being a newcomer to Canada? Evidently he’s a doctor who was born and raised in the country. Three possibilities: (1) He was auditioning as a goof and figured his new persona would make it extra goofy, (2) he gambled that a “humble immigrant” trying his darnedest would have a better shot at advancing to the next round than a tone-deaf physician, or (3) he was already a jihadi sympathizer at the time and operating under deep, deep — deep — cover. To paraphrase Mediaite, the last place you’d look for an Al Qaeda plot is a guy on a talent show “doing the robot while singing a song written for teen girls.” And a moonwalk. Don’t forget the moonwalk.

Three men are charged in a plot to build IEDs and funnel money to terror groups in Afghanistan. Assuming that the charges are true, this clip is stark evidence of how quickly radicalization can happen.