Alaska libertarian candidate open to stepping aside for Murkowski?

DrewM, Ace’s co-blogger, took a shot in the dark by e-mailing him and got an, er, interesting response. My proposed compromise: Murkowski gets the Libertarian Party nod in exchange for a “no more bailouts” pledge, some coloring books, and a copy of “The Revolution: A Manifesto” autographed by Ron Paul.

Drew asked him if he had any response to the speculation about her turning capital-L Libertarian and got this reply. Emphases mine:

Hi Drew

The Message is more important than messenger.

If Lisa would of supported “The Peoples Bail Out” she would of over
whelmed Joe Miller so I doubt she would do it now, some people just do
not get it, but it is never to late to see the truth and Lisa is a
smart lady; I voted for her.


I think he means he voted for her for Senate in 2004, not this year, but given the rest of the e-mail, I’m … not sure. Here’s the money question, though: If Murkowski makes a deal with the Libertarians and bolts the GOP, how many of her supporters in the Republican primary can she expect to retain? 95%? 80%? 50%? The lower the number is, the more complicated this becomes, because somehow she’ll have to make concessions to the libertarians and then turn around and make concessions to the left. And given the priority spending has right now, I don’t think coming out in support of gay marriage is going to square that circle. An interesting fact: When Lieberman lost the Democratic primary to Lamont in Connecticut, it was by a narrow margin of 52/48. In the general election, though, exit polls indicate that Lamont walloped him among Dems, 65/33. Murkowski will lose Republicans by making this move. Liberals, and their willingness to vote for a libertarian, will decide the race.

Via the Right Scoop, here’s the man of the hour chatting with Mark Levin.