Game over: McCain crushes Hayworth

With just one of 15 counties reporting, Maverick already has twice as many votes as J.D. The AP throws in the towel:

McCain spent more than $20 million to beat back an aggressive challenge from Hayworth, who relentlessly attacked the senator for his shifting stance on immigration and sought to tap into the anti-incumbent rage that has taken down other lawmakers in 2010…

Will he work with Democrats again? Will he play a role in immigration legislation? Will he be Obama’s chief nemesis?

“My guess is that he will move back a little bit to trying to be a consensus builder, someone who will try to bring Democrats and Republicans together,” said Bruce Merrill, a former pollster and McCain staffer who was surprised by the senator’s sudden move to the right. “I hope so.”

I can’t believe, in this year of all years, we couldn’t find a better challenger for McCain than this guy. It’s 60/29 as I write this. What a travesty.