Russell Simmons on Ground Zero mosque: We didn't blame all Christians for the first WTC bombing, did we?

Via Hengler, the GZM kerfuffle suddenly takes an … interesting turn. The debate’s raging on Twitter: Does this guy actually think the first World Trade Center bombing was the work of Christian fundamentalists? Or did he mean to say Oklahoma City, per the false leftist canard post-9/11 that McVeigh was some sort of Christian fanatic rather than an anti-government fanatic? Initially I thought it was the latter, but in referring to the “first World Trade attack,” he seems to have a very specific incident in mind. Is this the new narrative, maybe? Ramzi Yousef, “Christianist”?

Oh well. Clearly he’s bringing the sort of firm grasp on these issues that you’d want for a primetime current-events chat show. (Coming up tomorrow on Larry King: Bob Dole on hip-hop, maybe?) And this isn’t even the nuttiest mosque-related theory of the day: Apparently some of the Sunni clerics at Al-Azhar University find the Park51 project to be so foolish that at least one is speculating it’s … a Zionist conspiracy. Maybe that explains the “first World Trade attack” too?