Hottest seller at Martha's Vineyard this year: Bush "Miss Me Yet?" t-shirts

Via JWF, a video gloss on the amazing fact that Dubya is now polling six points better than Obama in frontline (i.e. vulnerable) House districts. That’s not according to Rasmussen either; it’s from the Democrats’ own surveys. No wonder the White House is looking around for a new villain: If even the Bushitler seems preferable to swing voters, who’s left to demonize?

An earnest question for lefties: Given the state of the Democrats’ polling, can we finally dispense with the insane yet oft-repeated argument during the ObamaCare debate that passing the bill was the surest way to mitigate losses in the midterms? There were two political reasons to pass O-Care, as you’ll recall: (1) Long-term, passage will set the country irreversibly on the path to socialized medicine, which in turn will create a culture of dependency guaranteeing big Democratic victories far into the future; (2) short-term, passage will cheer liberals and inspire them to turn out in November whereas letting the bill drop will break liberal hearts all over again a la 1993 and will ensure a Republican rout in the midterms. Can we now agree, with the GOP reaching historic leads on the generic ballot, that the second reason has turned out to be a little, well, insane? Or is the new argument that letting the bill drop last year to focus on the economy somehow would have produced an even more gigantic Republican generic ballot lead? No bill = Bushitler outpolling Obama by 10 points instead of six in frontline districts, in other words? Seriously? Click the image to watch.