Bombshell: Olbermann debates guy who disagrees with him; Update: Compromise near on mosque location?

Well, sort of disagrees with him. This is true-blue Howard Dean, who subscribes with Olby to 99 percent of leftist dogma — note the repeated knocks on Palin and right-wing hatemongers to prove his good faith — but who’s shootin’ for compromise on the endless drama surrounding the Ground Zero mosque. Dean-o’s message in a nutshell: Why can’t we get both sides together to talk about this? Naturally we should exclude neo-fascist conservatives from the discussion, but there are plenty of independents and centrist Democrats whose votes we need in November to whom we should be listening. To which Olby responds (at around 6:45), won’t that end up handing a victory to the damned wingnuts? Great point. I think they should label indies and centrist Dems “bigots,” walk away, and be done with it. Congressional majorities come and go, but sanctimony lasts forever.

Olby doesn’t raise this point (I think — I gave up on the clip after a few minutes), but in his semi-defense, any compromise involving a swap for state land would almost certainly be an Establishment Clause violation. I’ve been assuming that David Paterson only wanted to meet with the Park51 chiefs to lean on them a bit and maybe broker some sort of deal with another private entity, but if he’s thinking about bringing property owned by New York State into it, he’s starting up an entirely new clusterfark.

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Update: Hmmmmmm.

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Duane Patterson 2:01 PM on June 05, 2023