Audio: I wish they'd move the mosque, says ... Howard Dean

Via Breitbart. Normally I wouldn’t bore you with three mosque posts in a row but this is such a thunderbolt coming from a true-blue lefty that it won’t wait. I can’t imagine that Dean-o really believes what he’s saying here; the mosque is too much of a cause celebre on the left at this point for him to deviate for reasons of conscience. Presumably he’s simply so terrified by the polling on this issue that he’s willing to do whatever damage control he can to mitigate losses in November. (He’s a former head of the DNC, remember, so he’s used to thinking in electoral terms.) If so, that’s a good idea: A new poll out from Gallup within the last hour or so shows 37 percent disapprove of Obama’s comments on the mosque last week versus just 20 percent who approve. Those numbers aren’t disastrous for Dems given that most of the opposition comes from Republicans, but the split among indies is 21/32 overall and 15/27 on the question of whether one strongly approves/disapproves. As Geraghty noted earlier today, they’re already getting killed among independents in various tight Senate races so they can’t afford to do any more bleeding. I think this is Dean’s attempt to fashion a tourniquet by signaling to lefties that it’s okay to take a more moderate position on this issue in the interest of making it go away. Think they’ll listen? Me neither.

Exit question: Will the same Democratic thoughtcrime investigator charged with examining Harry Reid’s opposition to the mosque also be responsible for investigating Dean-o’s?