Too dumb to check: Blago jury deadlocked 11-1 to convict on charge of selling Obama's Senate seat

Remember Ace’s theory that maybe the reason jurors wanted the judge to remind them of their oath was because one stubborn moron among them refused to listen to reason?

I think we can call it confirmed.

Juror Erik Sarnello of Itasca told the Associated Press that the jury was deadlocked 11-1 on the Senate seat count.

He said one woman who held out “just didn’t see what we all saw.”

Jury Foreman James Matsumoto said the voting on the charges was all over the place. On some counts, there was one holdout; on others, three, five or even seven people felt the governor was not guilty.

“I felt that we were in trouble the first full day of deliberations,” said Matsumoto. “It was because of the difference in the approach to the evidence and how they saw it. If someone said, ‘Oh, they’re just talking,’ and a number of people said, ‘Were you listening to the same testimony I was?'”

According to the foreman, they actually reached a conviction on a second count related to extortion — before one juror backed out, leaving them deadlocked again at 11-1. They spent the whole summer at trial and fully two weeks deliberating, and still: 11-1. Quote:

Juror Jesse Blue returned to his Matteson home around 6:30 p.m. Asked if he was happy with the way the trial turned out, Blue said: “No, but I’m not at this time prepared to give a statement.”

No wonder Fitzgerald’s ready to retry the case. If he can idiot-proof the jury this time, he’ll probably put Blago away for years.

Here’s the man himself touting the lack of convictions from our 11-1 jury as proof of his innocence.