Finally: Palin to endorse Sharron Angle and "actively help" this fall

So says her brother, anyway. What qualifies this as “news” when everyone but everyone with an R after their name is bound to endorse Angle in the interests of beating Dingy Harry? Two things. One: There … just ain’t much to blog today and Sarahcuda’s always good copy. Two: Palin, of course, famously held off on endorsing Angle in the primary and even spoke favorably of her opponent, Sue Lowden, at least once. (Palin’s dad ended up endorsing Danny Tarkanian.) The read on that was that maybe Palin was keeping her distance in order not to be infected by the Dems’ “kook” narrative against Angle, but if that was the reason, I guess it isn’t anymore.

Palin’s brother, Chuck Heath, told The Daily Caller that his sister plans to “actively help” Angle and “do whatever she can” to help take out Democratic Sen. Harry Reid, the Senate’s majority leader, in Nevada this fall.

“She’s got GUTS and is putting up with more crap than she deserves because the libs don’t know what to do with her and the support she has,” Palin said in a email provided to TheDC by Heath.

While Palin has not yet formally endorsed Angle in public before now, she said her support was offered to the Angle campaign when she recently made a donation to her. It is not clear if Palin was referring to a personal donation she made to Angle or the money her SarahPAC has contributed to Angle’s campaign. Palin has also supported Angle on Twitter, writing that Angle was “right” about wanting to allow workers to invest Social Security in private accounts.

Er, what exactly does Palin do for a grassroots darling like Angle on the trail? The model scenario for her endorsement is when a Republican candidate in a mostly red state is perceived as a moderate and needs something to help him/her get the base excited. That’s why McCain wanted her, of course: She’s a firewall against the RINO charge. Angle’s in the opposite position, running in a state that went for Obama by 13 points two years ago as someone whose “true conservative” credentials are not only rock solid but are actually weirding out moderates. With the possible exception of Rand Paul, there’s no one running in the fall who needs a Sarahcuda endorsement less than she does. What’s the benefit here?