Jennifer Granholm: Criticizing the Chevy Volt is "un-American" or something

Via Think Progress, which evidently thinks this is a nifty soundbite for their side. Since it’s their edit I assume it’s fair to the spirit of her remarks, in which case let me ask: Am I to understand that criticizing American-made products now qualifies as un-American? I.e. griping about the antenna issues on the new iPhone is … an act of disloyalty? Or are we limiting this critique to government-owned companies whose products may be both prohibitively expensive and hugely inefficient in terms of marginal gas mileage achieved, but who at least provide makework for American labor?

She’s not even making sense about GM paying back its loan. In fact, she’s not making sense about Limbaugh’s criticism either: He reiterated repeatedly in his recent monologues about this that his target was the administration’s handling of GM, not GM or the Volt. (“I want to stress again, my comments here have nothing to do with General Motors, the people that work there, their design staff, ’cause they’re not running it, and I’m not trying to talk anybody out of buying a General Motors car.”) Exit question: Is it un-American to think this is lame too?