Liberals find fun new way to cope with impending destruction at polls

The Coffee Party tried civility and that went nowhere. On to Plan B:

To that end, the Agenda Project, a new, progressive group with roots in New York’s fundraising scene and a goal of strengthening the progressive movement, has launched the “F.*.c.k. Tea project,” which is aimed, the group’s founder Erica Payne wrote in an e-mail this morning, “to dismiss the Tea Party and promote the progressive cause.”

“We will be launching new products in the next several months to help people all over the country F*ck Tea,” Payne told POLITICO. “Products like a Glenn Beck Bowl Buddy (Beck B Scrubbin) and others are perfect holiday gifts or just a great way to say, ‘I love you and our country’ to your spouse, friend or family.”

Payne’s not some random nobody like that moron who started the “Crash the Tea Party” project. According to CBS, she’s a “former Democratic National Committee official who has founded other organizations like the Democracy Alliance, a group of liberal donors whose partners have invested over $100 million in progressive organizations.” Which is good news: If this is what prominent lefty activists are doing with their time ahead of the midterms, we’re in better shape than I thought. In fact, when asked by CBS what she’s trying to accomplish with this dopey little prank, she said she’s looking to push back against “the rhetoric over results paradigm that is holding our country hostage.” Because, you see, if there’s any movement that’s about results over rhetoric, it’s clearly the “f*ck tea” movement.

Nor is this the only case recently of lefties retreating into mockery to console themselves over the failures of Hopenchange. Dave Weigel’s got another example, of which he says sarcastically, “Do you remember how liberals spent roughly 7 years of the Oughts making fun of stupid Republicans, before getting swept up in optimism about Barack Obama? That’s over now, so, back to making fun of the stupids.” Depending upon how bad things look for Democrats on the generic ballot, I figure we might see MSNBC move to round-the-clock anti-“teabagger” programming by Election Day eve. Content warning.