Dan Quayle's son: Obama is the worst president in history

Yeah, I don’t know. The Obama line is an obligatory cut of red meat for righty voters, but like Geraghty, I just can’t get comfortable with the tone somehow. Whether it’s the shadowy office, the Beltway pedigree, or the hubristic bit from a neophyte about “knocking the hell out of” Washington, I’m getting a Tony-Goldwyn-in-“Ghost” vibe from all this. I don’t want to vote for Tony, I want to vote for Swayze, a guy who’ll not only foil the bad guys but seem sunny in doing so. (Why do you think Paul Ryan’s so popular?) Recommended for Quayle’s next ad: Talk about entitlement reform — with a big smile — while forging pottery with a Demi Moore lookalike. Gold.