Video: Obama refuses letter on border security from Rick Perry

I can’t believe The One would be this petty so I’m guessing it’s simply a matter of protocol. Maybe the Secret Service, as a rule, refuses to let the president accept packages, even if they’re being directly handed to him by, er, a sitting governor. Or maybe he just doesn’t want to have to keep track of stuff that people are handing him while he’s on his way to a bunch of fundraisers. Or, perhaps, he doesn’t give a squat about whatever message Rick Perry might have for him and decided to farm out the task of pretending to care to Valerie Jarrett. We are dealing with a 12-year-old mentality here, my friends.

Assuming it was a snub, though, then the snubs are going both ways: Perry turned down an invitation for a high-level briefing from the National Security Council about the border because he “doesn’t need to meet with some more down-level staff people.” Exit quotation:

“If they want to meet and talk about what we’re going to do to support these sheriffs and defend the citizens of Texas, I’m ready to have the meeting,” Perry said. “But please don’t play cover-your-backside because you didn’t meet with me yesterday and say, ‘Gosh, we offered the governor a meeting.'”…

Perry said the briefing invitation did not come from Obama and didn’t elaborate on what the White House offered or with whom within the NSC. He said the invitation came to his office.