Canadian Muslim on the Ground Zero mosque: Why would you do such a thing?

Via the Right Scoop, four minutes of “hate” from tonight’s O’Reilly Factor with the author of the op-ed that Ed blogged this morning. Why would she bother weighing in against the mosque when it’s bound to earn her scorn not only from many Muslims but from the media bien-pensants who’ve been congratulating themselves over their own supposed enlightenment for weeks? For the same reason, I suspect, that Zuhdi Jasser felt compelled to oppose the mosque in his op-ed back in May: Because she really does want better relations between Muslims and non-Muslims and has a crazy hunch that insisting upon building a cultural center 400 feet or so north of Ground Zero despite wide public opposition isn’t the shrewdest way to go about it. In other words, she’s doing repair work here — and doing a mighty fine job of it, as even O’R feels compelled to acknowledge.