Wow: 81% of Nevada Republicans say they're certain to vote on election day

The bad news? Angle’s standing has slipped sufficiently far among registered voters that Reid now leads her by … 16 points. The good news? Nevada GOPers hate him so much that they’d walk through a tornado to get to the polling place. Fully 81 percent say they’re certain to vote compared to just 64 percent of Dems, which practically guarantees that the race will be close no matter how badly Angle screws up.

The worst news? Even with a 17-point lead on enthusiasm, among likely voters she … still trails by four points. Gulp.

Here’s the soon-to-be-viral clip of her telling Carl Cameron that her media strategy is to “have the press be our friend” and to “ask the questions we want to answer so that they report the news the way we want it to be reported.” Three possible reactions. (1) So what? All candidates secretly feel that way even if they don’t say so. It proves her authenticity. (2) Yeah, that’s embarrassing given her habit of avoiding tough interviews, but we’re in campaign mode here so let’s not mention it. (3) *Facepalm.* If you’re inclined towards door number three, take comfort in the fact that she’s bringing in a new communications director and this afternoon launched a new broadside against Reid hitting him for his support of, er, coked-up stimulus monkeys. Feel better?