Audio: Hannity and Anthony Weiner scream at each other for 10 minutes

Via the Right Scoop, behold the hallmark of a summer Friday news day: Until just a few minutes ago, Weiner’s dopey House floor freakout was top of the pops this afternoon on Memeorandum. Since it’s officially, albeit momentarily, now one of the Hottest Stories In The Blogosphere, here’s a follow-up to the Fox News meltdown I posted earlier. Skip ahead to 2:00 or so and then again to the last few minutes of the clip for the best parts. Think of this as the political equivalent of pro wrestling: If the Weiner/King dust-up is the main event, the Weiner/Hannity face-off is the part where a rival runs down the aisle and into the ring and starts hitting someone with a chair. In other words, it’s fantastic.