Quotes of the day

Yet of late, it sure seems as if the elites are failing to listen to the people–and the people, empowered by new technology, are rising up to smack down the elites as never before. And while the right has sometimes misread public opinion–see Harriet Miers, the early hesitancy in the Katrina relief effort, and the Dubai Ports Deal, to name just three–the left appears to have a tinnier ear. Just in the past few years, we’ve seen the failure of “comprehensive immigration reform,” the failure to close Gitmo, the failure to find an American location for the Khaled Sheik Mohammed trial, and, of course, the failure to understand the Tea Partiers and the townhall-ers.

So where will it end? Will Gingrich ride a populist Jacksonian wave into the White House? It’s hard to know the future, of course, and Gingrich isn’t the only opponent of the mosque and assorted p.c. positions. But it seems inevitable that we are going to see a showdown between the elites and the masses. And interestingly enough, these days, the MSM–those self-proclaimed speakers of truth to power–usually takes the side of the elite.

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