Video: Paul Ryan's argument with Matthews on spending goes pretty much how you'd expect

Via News Busters, Noel Sheppard’s right on target: Matthews isn’t really interested in a discussion of paths to solvency, he’s interested in playing gotcha with the GOP’s fiscal wunderkind to make it look like Ryan lacks the political courage to endorse deep, specific cuts to programs like Medicare and Social Security. That’s why he’s quick to scoff when PR touts a way to trim $4.8 trillion from the budget; Tingles hears it initially as $4.8 billion because he’s eager to accuse the Republican of not being serious. And so it goes, up to the part where Matthews wonders aloud why Ryan isn’t talking about cutting nondiscretionary spending. The answer, offered by the man himself: Because, er, Matthews hadn’t asked him about that. (See Ryan’s website for ideas on shrinking our various entitlement boondoggles.) I’m surprised, frankly, that he’d go on this show knowing what he’s in for, but any chance to push his roadmap is a good chance, I guess.

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