Chris Wallace to Howard Dean: Why are you blaming Fox for what happened to Sherrod?

Via Mediaite. Sure, it’s technically true that Fox didn’t air Breitbart’s Sherrod video until after she’d resigned, but Dean-o’s after Larger Truths here. A mystery: If he’s intent on pushing this line in order to score a few points on the enemy in the last few hours of this week’s Sherrod news cycle, why on earth would he do it on Fox? CNN would have let him get away with it and MSNBC would have cheered him on. Instead, by trying it on Wallace, he walks into a rhetorical doorknob.

Another question per his insistence that what Fox did with the tape was “absolutely racist”: Is Dean suggesting that O’Reilly and Hannity wouldn’t have aired an embarrassing excerpt from a speech delivered by a white liberal? I recall Glenn Beck having a field day with that clip of the very white Anita Dunn talking about Mao. The liberal line on Fox, I thought, is that they’ll use any weapon to hand to attack the left and Obama, not just lefty minorities. This one’s more effective, I guess, however true or untrue it may be.