Sherrod: Breitbart wants to take us back to the days of slavery

Via Dan Riehl, I can see that she’s going to do a bang-up job in that new racial-healing position that Vilsack’s lined up for her. Whether this is her lashing out in anger after having been treated unfairly or whether she really believes something this insane about Breitbart, only she knows, but it’s telling that Cooper doesn’t challenge it. One of the lessons of this week, supposedly, is that we should beware of caricatures in racial matters, not only because people are more complicated in practice but because the fallout from misjudgment is culturally poisonous. See, e.g., the initial clip of Sherrod versus her full NAACP speech. But here she is pushing a caricature of her own — with no evidence to support a charge this incendiary — and Cooper the journalist lets it slide, presumably because he’s squeamish about siding with Breitbart against someone who, to his audience, is a sympathetic victim. What a perfectly depressing note on which to end a depressing week.