American jihadi who threatened "South Park" creators arrested on terrorism charge

Sometimes these blasphemy death threats come from crankish jihadi sympathizers who’d never have the stones to actually do anything about it.

And sometimes they don’t.

The Virginia man who warned on a radical Islamic website that the creators of the cartoon series “South Park” will be targeted for death for their caricature of the Prophet Muhammad has been arrested on charges that he provided material support to the terrorist organization Al Shabab, federal officials said Wednesday.

Zachary Adam Chesser, aka Abu Talhah Al-Amrikee, admitted to federal agents that he attempted on two occasions to travel to Somalia to join Al Shabab as a foreign fighter. After he was stopped from boarding a flight from New York to Uganda on July 10, Chesser, 20, allegedly admitted that he intended to travel from Uganda to Somalia.

Chesser, of Fairfax County, Va., attempted to board the plane with his infant son; court records allege he intended to use his son as part of his cover to avoid detection.

Via the Jawa Report, here’s the DOJ press release. A sinister coincidence to an already sinister story: The al-Shabab suicide bombings in Uganda that killed more than 70 people occurred just one day after Chesser’s scheduled flight. I assume he was unconnected to it — an attack like that requires planning to succeed and thus wouldn’t be tasked to a guy fresh off the plane — but it’s circumstantial evidence that al-Shabab does indeed have a presence in the country and could have hooked up with him to deliver him into Mogadishu. I sure hope the South Park guys are splurging on security.