Video: NAACP posts full Sherrod video

We wanted it and now we’ve got it. Forty-three minutes and 15 seconds. I haven’t had time to watch all of it — the full clip will be crowdsourced in the comments, I’m sure — but skip ahead to 16:30 for the segment about the white farmer and stick with it until at least 24:00 or so. She actually introduces the story by saying how she started working in order to help black people but then, through divine providence, came to realize that she was meant to work for poor people generally. The key moment comes just after the 21:00 mark when she talks about how helping the Spooners “made me see that it’s really about those who have versus those who don’t. You know, and they can be black, they can be white, they can be Hispanic.” And the crowd murmurs its assent. From there she segues into a historical narrative about racism being an artificial construct manufactured by wealthy interests to keep lower-class blacks and whites divided when in fact they should be working together. Exit question: How long before Vilsack gives her her job back?

Update: From the comments: “So she’s a Marxist not a racist. She belongs in the cabinet!”

Update: I meant to mention this earlier but forgot about it after getting sidetracked with something: There is an edit in the tape right around 21:00, as plain as day. It doesn’t look like a major one since it comes in the course of her telling her story about the farmer, but why is it there at all?

Update: Tapper answers my last question: “NAACP says the tape was changed at the 21:00 mark. no edits, just a tape change.” It is indeed almost exactly at the midway point of the video.