Civil Rights Commission sends letter to DOJ: We want to talk to your lawyers about the Panthers case

Via the Standard, you’ll find a copy below. If you’ve read J. Christian Adams’s op-eds for Pajamas Media and the Washington Times, you’re already familiar with pretty much of all it. The Commission on Civil Rights — which, as any lefty will instantly remind you, is currently controlled by conservatives — subpoenaed several DOJ lawyers about the Black Panthers case that was dropped. The Department told the recipients to ignore the subpoenas; Adams decided he couldn’t do that and resigned, thereby freeing him to testify. The key bit of new information here is that the Commission evidently found Adams’s testimony credible enough to renew its demand to talk to another lawyer who dealt with the Panthers case, and even to urge Thomas Perez (head of the DOJ’s civil rights division) to begin an investigation of his own into Adams’s allegations. If the case is indeed a one-off nothingburger that’s part of no larger pattern of enforcement within the Department, then sending his subordinates over to testify is the best thing Perez could do to make this go away. If Adams is lying, let the relevant people go in there and say so. Otherwise he’ll haunt them forever.

Be sure to follow that last link and read Abigail Thernstrom’s skeptical take on the Panthers furor, too. Not just because her point is interesting, but because she happens to be vice chair of the Commission.

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