Navy warns Marines about Russian spy: Beware of women this hot

There’s a lesson here for all of us, my friends.

U.S. Marines preparing for shore leave in the Seychelles islands were having a standard security briefing this week when they were shown photos of a figure who’s been in the news lately: Russian spy suspect Anna Chapman…

“We always mention some of the techniques” spies use to pry secrets from sailors, the officer added. “Namely, the use of good-looking women to lower a man’s defenses…

“These women will elicit from their males what kind of job they have, and determine if they have a security clearance, and then try to develop the relationship further, until the woman believes the male is ready to be approached by the actual case officer, who will then try to recruit him to commit espionage,” the officer said.

Said the officer, “I tell the Marines to imagine such a woman showing interest in them.” Ahem. The good news? Sometimes sexy spies are really stupid, even by the standards of their colleagues. The bad news? Er, isn’t there a big flaw in the counterintel plan here insofar as the Marines, by definition, are alpha males, and are therefore likely to respond to attractive women? What the Corps needs is an elite squad of beta males who are too timid to react — an A-Team of candy-ass RINOs, if you will — to ride herd on the grunts while they’re on leave and in danger of being compromised. Sgt. AP, reporting for duty.

Exit question: Is there any way that America’s “foaming, frothing, fanatic” fee-vah for this woman can get any more intense? Exit answer: Yes.

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