Oh, by the way: Biden, Hoyer, Clyburn all open to raising Social Security retirement age

A fun follow-up to yesterday’s Democratic heart-ache about Boehner wanting to raise the retirement age to 70. Hoyer and Clyburn are on record about this recently but the Biden stuff comes from the 2007 presidential primary. Do you suppose he’s come around to The One’s position about the retirement age being sacrosanct? Or is he just crazy enough to stick to his guns and singlehandedly destroy their talking point against Boehner by insisting even now that the retirement age should be on the table?

Note to Jake Tapper or any other reporter who reads this site: Ask him.

Boehner’s office passes along a series of clips that show senior Dems supported lifting the retirement age too.

Those senior Dems include VP Joe Biden, who told the AP in ’07 he was open to discussions about raising the cap.

House Maj. Whip James Clyburn’s official website says raising the age can keep Social Security solvent. “With minor changes to the program such as raising the salary cap and raising the retirement age by one month every year, the program could become solvent for the next 75 years,” Clyburn’s website says.

Just last week, House Maj. Leader Steny Hoyer told an audience at an event for Third Way, the centrist think tank, “we could and should consider a higher retirement age.”

Actually, The One once told “Meet the Press” (again, back in 2007) that while raising the retirement age is “not the best option,” he’d listen to all arguments in the interest of restoring long-term solvency to the program. Why the left thinks he wouldn’t be willing to deal with a Republican Congress on that point is beyond me; as he’s shown repeatedly, first and foremost during ObamaCare, he’s happy to compromise on progressive sacred cows like the public option in order to get something passed. There’s already talk from unlikely quarters about investing a chunk of the Social Security trust fund in the stock market. Why would the retirement age be off limits if that isn’t?