Video: GOP candidates shooting machine guns in ads to get attention now

Via Ace, after weeks of Petersonmania and months of assorted Alabama kookiness, I’m on the cusp of gimmick fatigue. Even so, it’s hard to blame her for trying this: She’s locked in a primary with six(!) other Arizona Republicans, all of whom doubtless want to pound the table about immigration, so here’s her way to stand out from the pack. She could sit there and try to prove her conservative “authenticity” by droning on for 30 seconds about amnesty, fiscal responsibility, values, etc, or she could use shorthand by picking up a tommy gun and squeezing off a few rounds. Bottom line: You’re more likely to remember her name after an ad like this than an ad like the one I described, no? Then her work here is done, my friends.

Exit question: Is this what Palin’s 2012 ads are going to look like? Don’t whine. You know you’d love them.