Video: G20 looter in Toronto taken down to the pavement

A palate cleanser via Iowahawk, who subtitles this one “Rage Against My Allowance.” Say, how come there are no cops around to cuff this black-bloc idiot? Well, funny thing: On Saturday, Toronto PD decided to avoid confrontation as anarchists and far-left dregs of various stripes burned cars and smashed windows in the name of “human rights” or whatever. That didn’t sit well with the public, so they changed tactics that night and ended up beating people the next day who, er, weren’t rioting. No estimates yet on the total damage, but according to Toronto’s mayor, it was a “mistake” to hold the summit there. How’s that for a vote of confidence in the city from the man in charge?

Two clips, one of the takedown and the other of the cops’ day-after “tactics.” I must say, as a lifelong New Yorker, I’ve never seen the NYPD perform a fake-charge.