Good news: Mass. school to supply students of all ages with condoms -- even if parents object

Yes, technically, even kindergarteners can request them. But don’t worry, this policy isn’t aimed at them.

It’s aimed at fifth- and sixth-graders.

The policy, first reported in the Provincetown Banner, keeps parents from knowing if their children receive condoms, and mandates that school officials can choose to supply them even if parents object

Grosso said one [School Committee] member proposed limiting the policy to the high school, which serves seventh- to 12th-grade students, but he fought against it.

“I was the one who said, ‘Well, you never know,’ ’’ said the 64-year-old father whose two children graduated from Provincetown High School. “It’s very possible that a fifth- or sixth-grader would be getting involved in sexual activity.’’

Singer said she wanted the policy to apply to the Veterans Memorial Elementary School so that fifth- and sixth-graders could get condoms. There were 17 students in those grades this year, according to state data; there were 69 students in preschool through fourth grade at Veterans.

She’s confident that if young kids ask the school nurse for a condom, their request will, er, “almost certainly” be denied. Question: If, in the name of safety, you’re going to enable risky behavior by kids, why draw the line at condoms? Why not make clean syringes available too for the aspiring junkies of tomorrow? Or what about a craps table on the playground so that kids can learn to gamble responsibly? Imagine how many future loan-shark victims will be spared by learning to manage their winnings properly now.

Exit question: How soon before the school board reverses course under fire? Over/under is five days.