Gloria Steinem: You can't be a feminist if you oppose legal abortion

Yeah, I know: “Who cares? She’s irrelevant!” Even so, an interesting clip for two reasons. One: There’s no pretense with Steinem, as there is with her colleague, that abortion isn’t an absolute litmus test for feminism. If you support restricting the right to choose, your Girl Power merit badge is summarily revoked. Opposing sexism, endorsing equal pay for equal work, etc, are afterthoughts. Two: It’s fascinating to me that she feels no need to refine her abortion test according to motive. No distinction is made between someone who believes, say, that women are intellectually incapable of grappling with abortion and someone who’s studied the scientific literature and concluded in all good faith that terminating a pregnancy is tantamount to murder. Such is the cult of choice that a feminist in good standing apparently should support legal abortion notwithstanding her belief that it’s murder. That’s quite a moral hierarchy she’s got there. Viva progress.

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