Rush: Let me tell you about my new friend, Elton John

Via the Right Scoop, he’s back from the honeymoon and ready to kibitz about the world’s highest-paid wedding singer. Don’t be daunted by the length; it’s sweet all the way through and funny in parts, especially at around 3:45 when he talks about trying to convince Elton to play the wedding by singing his songs on a hotel balcony in Hawaii (as luck would have it, EJ was staying in the room directly above Rush’s). His description of the wedding starts at 12:10 but the most interesting bit comes at 8:40 when he talks about meeting Elton backstage at an AmEx concert with his wife and hitting it off, replete with hugs and an invitation to dinner the next time the couple’s in London. Can you feel the love tonight?

The fact that the conservative elite welcomed an openly gay entertainer won’t change the “right hates gays” Narrative, which is impervious to contrary facts, but let it be noted for the record. Is it worth noting this, too?

Update: Elton’s side of things via his partner, David Furnish:

Furnish was in Europe and couldn’t attend the wedding. But John told him it was a beautiful event and Limbaugh and his bride “were incredibly gracious and very welcoming and very sweet and very appreciative.”…

By all accounts, John and the couple got along well. “I wasn’t there, but from everything Elton told me, he said Rush and his bride were incredibly charming and welcoming. And they have said they want to come and have dinner with us in England, if they pass through in their travels.”