Etheridge's opponent: If my kid's teacher had behaved that way, he'd be suspended

Via Jim Geraghty, whose coverage of this story today is sufficiently depressing that you’ll be reaching for the bottle to cope. Want to know how much ink WaPo devoted to the George Allen “macaca” incident compared to the physical assault committed by Bob Etheridge? Drink. Curious to see how local Democrats are reacting to this possibly criminal offense perpetrated on two kids with flipcams? Drink. Anxious to hear how even normally level-headed liberals like Mika Brzezinski are taking the news? Drink. (That last one’s not from Geraghty, but since we’re already drinking, let’s have another.)

So depressing is the response, in fact, that we’re forced to turn to an unlikely source for a reasonable lefty take on the incident. My friends, it’s come to this.