Awesome: American arrested in Pakistan for hunting Bin Laden

The feelgood story of the day, and I mean that sincerely. There’s something a bit “off” about a dude who thinks he’s going to bust into Camp Osama and take out the big fish ninja-style, but hey, he’s trying. Almost 10 years later, in failing health, he still feels the pain acutely enough to risk beheading in the name of exacting justice. And not for the first time, either: As you’ll see from the interview with his brother, this ain’t his first rodeo in Bin Laden’s backyard.

His brother’s not kidding either about Faulkner having done his homework on Osama’s whereabouts. Dexter Filkins, one of the NYT’s top Middle East correspondents, took to their blog today to say that Chitral, where Faulkner was arrested, is indeed at the top of the list for U.S. intelligence of possible Bin Laden hideouts. (The Counterterrorism Blog counters that that might have been true a year ago but likely isn’t true anymore, now that the Pakistani army has established a presence in the area.) Either way, be sure to read the Journal’s profile of the man of the moment, especially the character sketch near the end. It’s downright touching. Exit quotation: “‘Who says, ‘Why do I rob banks? Because that’s where the money is,’ Dr. Faulkner asked. He said his brother went to Pakistan because ‘that’s where Osama is.'”