New footage: The unedited Etheridge assault video

New from No word yet on who the two students are, which means the media jury’s still out on whether this was a wildly inappropriate criminal assault by a sitting congressman or an act of righteous fury from a man pushed too far by the insolence of wingnuts asking him whether he supports the president. Hopefully, though, these two vids will finish off the DNC talking point that that crafty Andrew Breitbart edited out some sort of provocation by the questioners in the original video that might explain Etheridge’s anger. Unless they waylaid him somewhere before this incident and he suddenly remembered them, it appears to be completely unprovoked. And nothing he’s said, either during the assault or at his presser this afternoon, suggests that he’d met them before this.

Here’s something else to look for in the second clip while you watch: At seven seconds in, Etheridge appears to grab the kid’s cell phone. At the very end of the clip, he still has it in his hand. Dude?