Video: Cthulhu awakens on Facebook to terrorize the left

To cleanse the palate, a short trip down memory lane. Watching this, it seems like such a perfectly natural thing for a pol to do that I’m amazed more of them don’t do it. Obama has his weekly YouTube address, of course, and the GOP has its weekly rebuttal, but you’d think up-and-comers — Palin especially — would have full-blown YouTube fee-vah given how much more intimate a video address feels than a Facebook post. A two-minute address from Bobby Jindal each week updating America on what’s been done to protect the coastline from the spill and what’s still needed would be a costless way to raise his profile and turn up the heat on the feds. I suspect GWB’s started a trend here.

It’s good to see him under such mellow circumstances, but I confess: The green screen’s weirding me out a little.