Arizona governor to illegals: If your child is a U.S. citizen, take him back home with you

Alternate headline: “Nervous looks now being exchanged in Republican corridors of power.” To listen to the media, you’d think opposition to birthright citizenship is the province of alleged fringe-dwellers like Rand Paul (and George Will!). Not so: Per a Rasmussen poll taken last week, 58 percent of likely voters oppose it. That’s not exactly what Brewer’s talking about, though. Her point is that even if a kid is an American citizen — and presumably, even if he was born and raised here and speaks only English — we don’t cut his parents a break on amnesty. If deporting them means breaking up the family, hey — that’s their call. That strikes me as a position … unlikely to be embraced by most prominent Republicans, including those who’d otherwise oppose a general amnesty, but I’m kind of intrigued that a conservative whose profile is as high as hers is pulling the pin and tossing this grenade out there. Exit question: What would Maverick say?