Another trainwreck: Olbermann interviews "America's candidate"

Via the Right Scoop, this isn’t news so much as it is performance art. Everyone will have a different favorite moment but mine comes at around 3:55 when Olby asks if he thinks he’ll have to address the obscenity charge against him at some point during the campaign and Greene hits him with the mother of awkward one-word answers. Plain-spoken, unassuming — why, he reminds me of Jefferson Smith. Or rather, he would, if not for that whole “forcing pornography on a stranger” business.

To answer Olby’s question about whether Greene’s a GOP plant, the more I think about it, the more implausible it seems. If you were a Republican strategist desperate to clear a path to victory for your party’s nominee, why would you bother with shenanigans in a state like South Carolina, where DeMint’s a mortal lock to be re-elected? And if you’re going to go to the trouble of choosing a plant and risking all the bad publicity and possible criminal repercussions that come with that, wouldn’t you plant someone who’s a tad more compelling? The goal would be to lose the general election to DeMint but to win the primary, and to do that most strategists would assume they needed a plant with some minimal degree of competence. As it turns out, they would have been dead wrong — but not until the votes were tallied could anyone have known that.

Plus, like DrewM says, this is the South Carolina GOP we’re talking about. At this point, does anyone think that crew could pull this off? Exit quotation from WaPo’s new profile of the candidate: “I mean, I mean, the people have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina. The people of South Carolina have spoken. We have to be pro-South Carolina.”