Hard-workin' White House staffers cut loose with beer pong

The photo belongs to Famous DC so click over there to view the full-size. To be clear, I have no objection to these tools having fun on a Sunday afternoon. The idea that they’re supposed to sit around the office 24/7 looking mopey because of the oil spill is a case of “optics” taken to its most moronic extreme. And yet — do I need to say it? — if a Republican president’s communications team got caught reliving their frat days in the middle of Oil-ageddon, this pic would be nutroots nirvana as evidence of how “out of touch” the GOP is. Thus, what makes it postworthy is the same thing that makes videos of Alan Grayson calling Republicans evil postworthy: It’s not that any of us much care, it’s that the hypocrisy here is inevitable and we should be prepared for it. File this away in your memory bank, because you will be called to use it later.

Besides, these guys have a tough couple of months ahead. Not because of the oil spill, but because after spending two-plus trillion dollars of your money on a health-care bill that most of you don’t want, they’re now prepared to spend another $125 million convincing you that you really do want it. Exit quotation: Says Ace, tying this up in a bow with the big news of the night, “I want to know whose ass is up for Pictionary.”