Quotes of the day

Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan says he doesn’t view radical Palestinian group Hamas, Israel’s arch-foe, as a terrorist organisation.

‘Hamas are resistance fighters who are struggling to defend their land. They have won an election,’ Erdogan said in a public speech on Friday in the central city of Konya, broadcast live on television.

‘I have told this to US officials… I do not accept Hamas as a terrorist organisation. I think the same today. They are defending their land,’ he said…

‘Our problem is not with the Israeli or the Jewish people. Our problem is with the oppressive Israeli administration which commits state terror,’ he said.

Since the radical Islamic AKP party took over Turkey in 2003, its leader, Prime Minister Recip Erdogan, has presided over the thorough brainwashing of the Turkish people. According to repeated polling data, the majority of Turks believe that Israel and America are demonic, murderous nations that kill innocent people for entertainment. Erdogan has cultivated anti-Semitism and anti-Americanism for two reasons. First, doing so enables him to divert his people’s attention away from his government’s economic failures. Stirred into frenzies of hatred, the Turks willingly rally behind their leader, who is saving them from the Jewish and Yankee beasts.

Then there is Erdogan’s goal of reasserting Turkish regional dominance and reclaiming the lost power of the Ottomans as the leader of the Islamic world. His decision in 2006 to be the first world leader to host Hamas terror masters on an official visit after their victory in the Palestinian elections was a clear bid to win popularity for Turkey among the Arab masses.

Iran and Turkey understand that attacking the Jewish state is the fastest route to the top of the Muslim world.